Northern Lights New York Twin Centre

Northern Lights New York Twin Centre

Twin Center Iceland with New York

Makes complete sense to tick 2 items off that bucket list and after all Iceland is half way to New York.

Enjoy  2 nights  and 2 days seeing the Northern Lights, Visiting The Blue Lagoon, Whale watching. Then fly onto New York for a further 4 nights.

Amazing Iceland

Northern Lights

As a natural light show of different shapes, forms and colours  red, green, yellow, pink & blue,  sightings of the northern lights can never be guaranteed, even when the conditions seem just right.  Visible under dark skies between the months of September to April, preferably under a clear, cloudless sky.  Usually seen between 5pm and 2am, it is important to be away from artificial light.  Better sightings are between but December to February as these months offer the longest hours of darkness.  It is for this reason that a trip to see the Northern lights should be  in conjunction with other sights of interest.

such as:-

The Blue Lagoon

No visit to Volcanic Iceland is complete without visiting the Iconic lagoon  a relaxing and surreal experience, voted among the top 10 best spas in the world.  The temperature hovers between 37–39 °C.  The Lagoon’s warm water and natural active ingredients, mineral salts, silica and blue green algae help you relax and unwind while the Blue Lagoon white silica mud gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The mineral salts balance and relax body and soul.

Whale watching

The world’s largest, and hungriest mammal,  regardless of being found in each and every ocean, this giant of the seas is notoriously shy but Iceland steps in and Reykjavik is the ideal watery opportunity to take a whale watch tour.  From the Old Harbour, located in the city centre  hopefully you will see humpbacks and fin whales  as well as  hardy seabirds such as  gannets and more pretty puffins.

Iconic New York

So Much to see and do but here goes for the top few 🙂

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island 

There is only one way to reach these islands and that is by ferry the cost of the visit is included in the price of the ferry or included in the City Pass, New York Pass and the Explorer Pass. However access to the pedestal or crown is an additional fee and if it is something you definitely would like to do then booking in advance is recommended.   If you are keen to climb to the very top of the crown be prepared for a climb, as there is no elevator.  The walk to the crown is equivalent to climbing 22 flights of stairs (531 steps)  But well worth the effort – at the top you will have the privilege of seeing the incredible panoramic views of the majestic New York City skyline with limited views of Brooklyn.


Empire State Building

Located on 5th Avenue.  It is an Art Deco style building that opened on April 11, 1939 is 102 stories high.  It was the tallest building in the world for nearly 40 years.  On a clear day you can see 80 miles.  There is a lift to the 86th floor Observation Deck with stunning views.  One of things that is remarkable from here is the sheer  size  of  Central Park.  At night it looks amazing  with anew computer driven LED stunning lightshow of which changes frequently.


Grand Central Station

A lively and bustling  temple to New York’s illustrious past. Gaze at the celestial ceiling mural above the vast main concourse.  Tell a secret to your partner in the Whispering Gallery: stand at the end of either Oyster Bar ramp and whisper into the wall; you’ll be heard way across on the other side.  Explore the “secret” elevated passageways for a spectacular view of the concourse. Even if you have nowhere to go you can spend hours in the 100-year-old depot and never get bored.


9/11 Memorial & Museum 

Underworld beneath Ground Zero,  Scorched car doors, salvaged firefighters’ uniforms, banners, toys and the hallowed ‘last column’ to be removed from the World Trade Center clearance, the relics of the twin towers have been elevated into art objects at the museum.  Almost 13 years since the atrocities of 9/11, when nearly 3,000 people were killed in a horrific moment of televised terrorism, the hallowed site of Ground Zero remains as much a place of spectacle as ever. More than 12 million people have visited since the memorial plaza opened in September 2011, to gawp into the voids of the towers’ footprints, where endless sheets of water now spill in magisterial cascades into sunken pools.

The list is endless with  shopping till you drop, a Broadway show, Central Park etc etc









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